'Dreams' makes amateur game developers' fantasies a reality
Daniel Harries

Innovative video game developer Media Molecule are causing a stir with their new title Dreams, which allows players to make and play their own games - developing a platform within a platform. 

The British-developer's stand was packed at London's EGX, the UK's biggest gaming expo. Due to the level of detail in the game, instructors were conducting seminars showing users how much they could do with it.

Dreams is deliberately  hard to define:  It intends to be all things to all players. There is no central game, rather a platform where users can create their own games or creations for others to enjoy, similar to the hugely successful title Minecraft. 

Using the PlayStation 4, players can use Dreams' tools to create everything from twee crazy golf simulators, to tense horror games with bug-eyed monsters, eerily accurate representations of classic game levels - from Metal Gear Solid to Mario - and everything in between. 

Dreams was on show at London's EGX.

Dreams was on show at London's EGX.

The user-generated creations are stretching the concept of what is possible in a video game. 

The platform has been used to make art, music and even comedy skits, according to Tom Dent, Media Molecule's community manager. 

"Everyone's creative. You have an idea it's very accessible, you don't need to be intimidated. Some games may look complex, but they're made with the exact same tools. 

"I'd want [players] to have a message of freedom and especially creativity."

Media Molecule has previously developed LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. Both titles and now Dreams, have won acclaim and kept costs low by incorporating user-generated content. 

Players create and share content on the game's online platforms, theoretically providing a never-ending  stream of material while paying the developers for the privilege. 

Dreams is currently only available for a limited number of players, with its full launch date yet to be announced. Expect the hype around the title to only increase.