'It is literally the stuff of Star Trek:' what quantum researchers do
Shini Somara

Professor Winfred Hensinger of Sussex University is a leading expert in quantum computing and the man working to reconcile the weird and wonderful world of quantum physics with new computing technology. 

Razor's Shini Somara explores the influences that led him to pursue the creation of one of the world's first quantum computers and talks to him about other mind-blowing developments that could come out of his work.  

"In the laboratory we start using tools such as teleportation, actually, to build a practical quantum computer... It is literally the stuff of Star Trek. We're making this happen in the lab today," observes Hensinger.

However he cautions that scaling the process up to living beings is a long way away.

"We're only able to teleport one atom at a time - so teleporting whole people would be unbelievably complicated."