Coffee to replace tea as UK's favorite beverage
Stephen Cole

Few things are as British as the cup of tea. The nation's favorite beverage for hundreds of years, tea was also one of the driving forces of the British Empire. 

However, it is about to lose its pre-eminence in British culture. Analysts predict that in 2020, more people in the UK will drink coffee than tea. 

This has been driven by the increasing popularity of high street coffee shops, whether global chains like Starbucks or local owner-operated shops. More than just a place to sip a hot brew, they also operate as community hubs for people to meet up, and, with the dawn of WiFi, have become office spaces for a freelance workforce.

By contrast, in China tea is making a 21st-century comeback – with a new wave of popular outlets offering fruit teas and even cheese teas. 

(Cover image: AP Photo/Anupam Nath, Rick Bowmer)